Sourcing & Production Management

Fabric Buying & Development

We work with fabric mills offering a variety of high quality fabric blends for piece and garment dyed programs. Our partners work with the most sophisticated machines and are able to produce fabric quickly for development and sampling purposes as well as production runs of any size.

Cutting & Sewing

We will cut and sew unique garments for your collection by developing custom patterns for your designs while adhering to strict quality assurance standards. Our factories work with modern software solutions to ensure accuracy and consistency. We are capable of accommodating production runs of all sizes and scales.

Dyeing & Washing

The contemporary apparel market requires product with a unique quality and feel. Working with an experienced garment dye house is one way to achieve this standard. We have the ability to produce goods with specialty and novelty dyes and washes to enhance the overall feel and perception of your knitwear collection.

Screen Printing, Embroidery & Embellishments

Though screen printing can pretty much be done in any city around the counry we work with the most trendsetting and creative workshops. Our army of screen printers and decorators produce garments for the most recognized brands in the world. They are capable of printing using a wide variety of processes and screen sizes with any type of ink desired to complete the project. Additionally, we will embroider custom designs and/or apply unique embellishments such as hand set crystals and fabric appliques.

Finishing & Packaging

It's the icing on the cake! Prepping your product for delivery at retail is the final step of the production process and Intercontex will provide this service as part of our full package apparel program. We will inspect, iron and fold your garments, apply hang tags, poly bag and label each style and box according to your specific instructions.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance

Your brand's reputation and financial investment are on the line each time your company moves into production. Having reliable quality assurance measures and constant communication ensure a timely and consistent delivery each season. Intercontex demands a thoroughly planned and multi-step quality control/quality assurance plan with every program managed through any of our qualified partners.

A special note about our approach to sourcing and production:

Intercontex firmly believes in following an ethical and responsible approach to manufacturing worldwide and adheres to the most demanding compliance measures as well as each client's required Code of Conduct. We only support and work with factories and vendors that comply with the United Nations Global Compact Initiative which supports human rights, labor welfare, anti-corruption measures and the environment. Intercontex conducts the necessary inspections and audits to ensure socially and environmentally friendly facilities and vendors.

Please contact our production team to discuss pricing, minimum requirements, terms, and production logistics.