Company Overview

Intercontex has developed a new approach to launching and managing apparel brands.

We dominate the art of efficiency and effectiveness and create meaningful businesses out of new concepts.

We offer a wide variety of apparel design and production solutions for emerging and established brands.

The way the world operates today is drastically different than it was just a few years ago. The same goes for the way consumers shop and discover new products... can you imagine life before your iPhone or Facebook? There is a different way to get things done today especially when it comes to launching new brands. We believe new apparel companies do not need to follow the traditional model anymore to survive and we are out to prove that daily with our own brands.

Aside from managing our own roster of brands, Intercontex helps emerging and established companies find the best solutions to their brand's challenges. We bring a relentless approach to quality and efficiency while keeping things simple. We enjoy building brands so much that we optimistically see value and opportunity in pretty much any concept. This is good news for new companies seeking experienced help and support from a great team. Our biggest problem is finding clients that care as much about their brand as we do!

We manufacture primarily in Los Angeles, California as well as in Lima, Peru, the apparel production capital of South America, known for its quality, service, and reliability. Should a project require a different sourcing strategy, we can accommodate its needs through any of our alliances in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, and Portugal.